Outfit for Fall

Hello! Today I have some Fall fashion inspiration for you! Don’t you hate it when the cold weather arrives, and you can no longer use your cute summer clothes until a whole ‘nother year has gone by? Well, that’s not always the case. You can cold-weather-ify some old summer clothes pretty easily! The outfit I put together here uses a hand-me-down denim romper (from my lovely cousin Hannah,) a white sweater, a heavy knit maroon scarf, black tights, and black boots. I’m confident that you probably have most of these things already. Of course, not all in the same color, but that’s why this is “inspiration,” and not a strict code (obviously). If you’ve got a romper, pairing it with tights, a sweater, and a scarf (and I actually wore a white knit beanie on this day- sorry it isn’t pictured!) is an awesome option for transferring it from summer use to fall/winter use. Again, play around with the colors based on what you have already. Maroon or navy blue tights would be pretty as well!

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Summer Outfit

Oh my goodness guys! I started this as a draft back in the summer, and I forgot to ever finish it! So clearly this is late, and clearly there’s no need to really see this outfit at this point now that it’s fall, but I’ll add it anyway for next summer. The tank top sorta rose up in the front there- I know, it’s a little racy. The jean vest looks familiar, am I right? I used it in my last fashion post! Maybe I’ll post as many outfits as I can using that same jean vest to show how many different ways you can wear one article of clothing. Well, the outfit as a whole is pretty casual and summery, so… yup. That’s it. Take from it what you will.

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Back to School Outfit

This is the outfit I wore on the second day of school this year. When I was picking something out to wear, I knew I wanted to wear the flowy pants that I call “gypsy pants,” but I was having the hardest time finding a top. I tried plain colored t-shirts, but the styles didn’t match. I tried a denim shirt, but I only have a loose one and it looked way too frumpy. Then it hit me all of a sudden that I needed a jean jacket over a cute tank! Perfect, except for one thing- school starts in the summer, and it is WAY too hot to be wearing a long-sleeved jean jacket. So what do we do when we need something that we don’t have? We take the scissors to it and make it work! (Well, that’s what I do anyway.) So I just cut off the sleeves and made it a jean vest, which turned out mighty fine if I do say so myself. I don’t know what the rules are at your school regarding the dress code (sleeves,) but this was three fingers wide so it was fine. I paired it with the nude flats that had a little sparkle on them cause sparkle is what where it’s at! You can’t see the necklace in the picture because it got turned around, (and isn’t that how it always works out?) but let me just tell you that it is FAB. It’s kind of antique-y looking with two clocks on it, one with numbers and one with roman numerals. It’s pretty sweet! (Thanks Mom!)




Easy, Colorful Fall Outfit

Sooooo ladies and gents! I thought I’d share with you what I wore for school today.  As I was picking it out the night before, I wanted something Fall-y, so it had to be warm and cozy. But I also wanted it to be cute and come off looking nice! So I found this blue flannel and tried it on. (It actually was a shirt that one of my guy friends from church gave to my brother as a hand-me-down, but just because it says “men’s” on the tag doesn’t mean that has to be true! :)) I wore white skinnies with the blue top, because white skinny jeans match everything. Seriously, get yourself a pair.
As you all probably know- well, hold on a minute. A girl at school tried to tell me that I didn’t match today, so I guess ALL of you may not know- but as most of you probably know, royal blues and gold match beautifully! It just so happens that I have tons of gold jewelry pieces, so I matched a few of my favorite ones to go with the flannel. I actually like to pair more fancy pieces with some tops that are not so typically “fancy,” and a lot of the time it comes out looking great, so don’t be afraid to do that! I mean, don’t go pairing your amusement park T-shirt with your prom queen tiara; use your own judgement:) ! I put a mis-shapen gold necklace underneath the collar so only a bit was poking through.

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Handmade Purse

I was working on another purse yesterday, and finished it in about 4 hours. I hand sewed it, like I do all my purses, because my little handheld sewing machine is still malfunctioning. *sad face!

But have no fear! It still turned out pretty great!
It’s more of a satchel really, because I gave it a long strap that goes around your body and hangs down at your waist. It’s for my sister Emma! The strap is a braided blue cord, and so is the drawstring. I was excited that the cord matched the fabric so well!
Anyway, here’s a picture!


I just realized that it kind of looks black here, but maybe that’s just me? Either way, it’s a really dark blue.

And here’s a close up of the sparkles!


DIY Studded Tie

Found one of my little brother’s clip-on ties and added trendy silver studs- you know, cause that’s all the rage nowadays:) I can’t wait to wear it! I need to find a snazzy white top to wear it with. I love ANYTHING studded! Here’s how to do it yourself.
You’ll need-
*Bedazzler (Gem-magic)
*Clip on or regular tie*Fabric glue (or hot glue gun, whichever you have)
*Bedazzler studs
*Tweezers (optional)

Pick which kinds of studs you want to be on your tie. I always kind of map out in my mind what it should look like so I don’t end up running out of room or studs. It can look however you want- no rules for this project!
Put the stud in the machine. I used the mini travel size bedazzler because my tie is a little one. If you don’t have a mini, use the regular bedazzler- it works the same, but I find it to be a little more time consuming.
Regular bedazzler-


Mini bedazzler-
After you’ve put the stud in the machine, bedazzle by just pushing down on the head of the machine and the spokes of the stud will fold over and attach itself to the back of the fabric. Do this over and over with different studs, creating your design. You can do as many or as few studs as you want. I chose to bedazzle just the tip of my tie.
This is what the bottom of my tie looks like-
I also wanted to bedazzle the top of my tie, but the bottom of the bedazzler wouldn’t fit underneath the fabric. I had to glue the studs on using fabric glue, but first I had to fold over all the spokes on the studs. I definitely don’t recommend you do this with bedazzler beads because of the time it takes to fold down all of the spokes. However, if you have studs with a flat back then have at it!
I used this fabric glue, but I think hot glue would work too, as long as you didn’t let the glue get hard before you had the stud in place.
This is the top of my tie (the part that is glued on)-
And this is the entire tie. I don’t know if you can see it good in the picture, but in real life it’s really neat! It looks  pretty profesh.
So try this and be trendy!!


In the summer, make sure to dress up your feet! We dress up the rest of ourselves, but we cannot forget to add bling to our feet, because in the summer it’s all flip-flops and sandals. It’s cheap to buy the accessories if you don’t care to get your nail polish and things at Wal-mart! (Like I do!)
I painted my nails with green polish and then added a subtle blue-tinted sparkle. The polish was like, $2.00 ish I think.
Then I put on 3 silver toe rings- very cute! Set of five for $3.99 at Wal-mart.
Then I added ankle bracelets- the purple beaded one is from a Farmers Market. I got it for $2.00!

The pink and gold anklet is from Claires. Not sure how much that one was, but it was on sale! (Loooooove on-sale items! NEVER pay full price for something you can get on sale;)