Infused Waters

It’s super healthy (and tasty!) to drink infused water, and I’ve been obsessed with it lately! Infused water is basically just water with some kind of fruit, herbs, etc. in it. I made some today with one whole lemon and and one small orange. I just cut them up into pieces and dropped them in! Then I shook it all up so that the juices from the fruit would infuse the water.
(Notice how I tried to be all artsy by taking this picture outside on the porch…)


Doing one with lemon is especially healthy for you because lemons are loaded with antioxidants. They are also very high in vitamin C! Drinking lemon infused water can even give your skin a healthy glow.
As you know, lemons are very sour! I put the orange in to give the water some sweetness and extra flavor, and also to gain the extra health benefits. As for how much fruit to put in the water, it’s really up to you. Clearly, the more fruit the more benefits! Here’s a picture that shows a little better the amount of fruit in the jar.


IT LOOKS SO GOOD, AM I RIGHT? Actually, no need to answer that question cause I’ve been drinking it and I know it’s  good.

If you want to make some infused water, here are some recipes you can use. Feel free to mix the ingredients around a little from recipe to recipe depending on what you like. (these are recipes from

*Strawberry, lemon, and basil.
*Orange and blueberry.
*Watermelon and mint.
*Strawberry, lime, and cucumber.
*Watermelon and coconut.
*Ginger, mint, and lemon.
*And anything that sounds good to you!


Cheesy Rollups

These are what I made for lunch today. They taste so much better than those ones you get at Taco Bell, cause I use lots of butter to make them richer and crispy- Yum! Dip them in salsa and it’s even better! It’s nothing fancy, but it’s super easy and tastes super good! DSCN1765


My tasty nachos I had for lunch today- Blue corn chips, melty cheese and thick, spicy salsa. So good!
For those of you who may not know, blue corn chips are corn chips made with blue corn. Duh.
They really are very delicious though! They’re pretty much the same as a regular corn chip… only blue.


A “Square” Meal

Yesterday I was thinking- Why not put coffee in your cereal instead of milk?
You’re really killing two birds with one stone here. You eat your breakfast and drink your coffee at the same time! But the thought of eating coffee soaked Cheerios sounded really just disgusting, so I’m thinking the perfect way to do this is eating a bowl on Chocolate Chex cereal with coffee as your milk. *Mind blown!*
Cause who doesn’t like coffee and chocolate together!?

And get it? A “square” meal? Cause Chex cereal is square? HA!

Twinkie Cake

Mom made this twinkie cake tonight! It’s like twinkie cake on top and bottom and twinkie filling in the center. You can use really any number of recipes for this dessert. You can use just a vanilla cake mix and cream filling, or a homemade cake batter and filling- whichever one you want! It doesn’t just taste good, though. IT LOOKS SO YUMMY! DSCN1650

Tonight’s Dinner

For tonight’s dinner, my mom made pizza roll-y-uppy things. They were really good! She rolled out pizza dough in strips, put on tomato sauce, cheese, and pepperonis, and rolled it up cinnamon-roll style. We ate them with tomato dipping sauce. You should try it sometime; it’s easy to make and delicious!