Easy, Colorful Fall Outfit

Sooooo ladies and gents! I thought I’d share with you what I wore for school today.  As I was picking it out the night before, I wanted something Fall-y, so it had to be warm and cozy. But I also wanted it to be cute and come off looking nice! So I found this blue flannel and tried it on. (It actually was a shirt that one of my guy friends from church gave to my brother as a hand-me-down, but just because it says “men’s” on the tag doesn’t mean that has to be true! :)) I wore white skinnies with the blue top, because white skinny jeans match everything. Seriously, get yourself a pair.
As you all probably know- well, hold on a minute. A girl at school tried to tell me that I didn’t match today, so I guess ALL of you may not know- but as most of you probably know, royal blues and gold match beautifully! It just so happens that I have tons of gold jewelry pieces, so I matched a few of my favorite ones to go with the flannel. I actually like to pair more fancy pieces with some tops that are not so typically “fancy,” and a lot of the time it comes out looking great, so don’t be afraid to do that! I mean, don’t go pairing your amusement park T-shirt with your prom queen tiara; use your own judgement:) ! I put a mis-shapen gold necklace underneath the collar so only a bit was poking through.


I also rolled up the sleeves and added a gold and white cuff and a chain/spike ring that drapes across the hand.


On the other wrist I put a gold bead bracelet and my white “I <3 Louis” bracelet. (My Directioner side shining through!)


So, as (hopefully) you can see, it turned out looking cute! If you have any outfits that you’re particularly proud of, tweet them to me and I may feature them here! @SandbergEleanor


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