Back to School Outfit

This is the outfit I wore on the second day of school this year. When I was picking something out to wear, I knew I wanted to wear the flowy pants that I call “gypsy pants,” but I was having the hardest time finding a top. I tried plain colored t-shirts, but the styles didn’t match. I tried a denim shirt, but I only have a loose one and it looked way too frumpy. Then it hit me all of a sudden that I needed a jean jacket over a cute tank! Perfect, except for one thing- school starts in the summer, and it is WAY too hot to be wearing a long-sleeved jean jacket. So what do we do when we need something that we don’t have? We take the scissors to it and make it work! (Well, that’s what I do anyway.) So I just cut off the sleeves and made it a jean vest, which turned out mighty fine if I do say so myself. I don’t know what the rules are at your school regarding the dress code (sleeves,) but this was three fingers wide so it was fine. I paired it with the nude flats that had a little sparkle on them cause sparkle is what where it’s at! You can’t see the necklace in the picture because it got turned around, (and isn’t that how it always works out?) but let me just tell you that it is FAB. It’s kind of antique-y looking with two clocks on it, one with numbers and one with roman numerals. It’s pretty sweet! (Thanks Mom!)





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