When Chilly Nights Arrive…

November is when it really starts to get chilly around these parts. The sun goes down too soon, the wind picks up, and the cold starts to seep through every microscopic crack in your house that you didn’t even know existed. But luckily, I have a tried and true tip for you to get yourself through chilly nights that just might change your life. (No, it’s not to insulate your walls and windows. That would be too mainstream.) This is something that I do religiously. When it’s getting a little too cold for comfort, and it’s time to turn up the heat, don’t just turn it on and wait for the entire house to heat up. What I do, is I put my Snuggie on and sit on the heating vent. Seriously dudes, this rocks. The warm air lifts the blanket up all around you and creates this heat-bubble that envelopes your very being. Your eyes will get heavy as lead, and you won’t stop them. You’ll just kind of ooze around and not care about whatever the heck else is going on around you. It’s pretty much the closest thing to Heaven on earth.


Infused Waters

It’s super healthy (and tasty!) to drink infused water, and I’ve been obsessed with it lately! Infused water is basically just water with some kind of fruit, herbs, etc. in it. I made some today with one whole lemon and and one small orange. I just cut them up into pieces and dropped them in! Then I shook it all up so that the juices from the fruit would infuse the water.
(Notice how I tried to be all artsy by taking this picture outside on the porch…)


Doing one with lemon is especially healthy for you because lemons are loaded with antioxidants. They are also very high in vitamin C! Drinking lemon infused water can even give your skin a healthy glow.
As you know, lemons are very sour! I put the orange in to give the water some sweetness and extra flavor, and also to gain the extra health benefits. As for how much fruit to put in the water, it’s really up to you. Clearly, the more fruit the more benefits! Here’s a picture that shows a little better the amount of fruit in the jar.


IT LOOKS SO GOOD, AM I RIGHT? Actually, no need to answer that question cause I’ve been drinking it and I know it’s  good.

If you want to make some infused water, here are some recipes you can use. Feel free to mix the ingredients around a little from recipe to recipe depending on what you like. (these are recipes from Buzzfeed.com.)

*Strawberry, lemon, and basil.
*Orange and blueberry.
*Watermelon and mint.
*Strawberry, lime, and cucumber.
*Watermelon and coconut.
*Ginger, mint, and lemon.
*And anything that sounds good to you!

Shower Time

Have you ever noticed how much we think during shower time? I take like, 45 minute showers (on a good day,) and I spend the entire time contemplating my life. “Man, I wonder why we all have 5 toes. Does the pinky toe actually serve any purpose? I wonder what I’m gonna wear next week to the mall. Why is this water so freezing one moment and so hot the next? Ooh, I remember that embarrassing thing from 5th grade. Way to bring it up again, brain.” But I’ve realized that this can be very helpful! You know those times when you are trying to make a legitimate decision, but you can’t decide what you should do, or you are too busy to really stop and think it over? Just hop on in the shower. It’s not like you can really get distracted in there, cause I mean, all that’s there is yourself and a loofah. I’m sure that when you come out, you’ll know what to do. It’s like magic.


For anyone who has yet to check out the pages at the top, which are actually more like giant categories, I urge you to do so! It’s summer vacation now, but we all know what’s coming- please, don’t make me say it!… SCHOOL. So whether you’ve been haunted by your own awkward self, or you just want to move up a rung in the social ladder at your school, take a look at the “Ways to Pretend You Aren’t a Loser in High School” page at the top. All these useful tips have emerged my own sad experiences, so they’re legit.

Don’t make the same mistake I did.

From the title you probably think that this post is about something super important, like “don’t date a dirt bag,” or “don’t let a homeless man borrow your car,” but it’s not. It’s actually just a useful tip!
I was in the movie theater bathroom, and I wearing this cute froggy ring. I took it off to wash my hands (because, yes, you should do that,) and set it on the counter. Later on however I realized that I had never picked it back up! It was my first time wearing it, too. :( Anyway, my sister told me that from now on I should just slip my ring into my pocket when I go to wash my hands- that way if I forget to put it back on I’ll still have it. So I guess from now on I’m gonna try and make a habit out of doing so. Keep this in mind because if you do forget your ring, it may be one of more value than a froggy ring, i.e. a wedding ring or promise ring!

Re-Fluffize Your Pillow

Do you have that problem where your perfect, fluffy, brand new pillow gets un-fluffy? It just gets all flat and not so cool anymore.
Well I was scrolling through iFunny (LOVE iFunny! It’s just so… funny, ya know? Although this isn’t really funny so I don’t know why it was in there.) and saw how to fix the epidemic. Take your lifeless, flattened pillow and set it out in the sun for 30 minutes, and BAM! Extreme fluffiness!
Apparently the sun dries out any indiscernible moisture and just kind of… re-fluffizes it. Very cool.

Strawberry Whitening

Scrolling through Pinterest and found out that you can whiten your teeth using strawberries! Here’s how to do it-
Crush up a strawberry or two into a pulpy/liquidy mixture. Mix it with a little bit of baking soda, and put it on your teeth using a toothbrush. Leave it on for 5-ish minutes, rinse it off, and you’re done!
Don’t do it more than about once a week though, or the acid from the berries will damage your teeth.  I tried this and I had a little trouble with it, but it’s probably just me! I kept drooling all over myself cause of the sourness of the strawberries and not being able to swallow…
If you try this, tell me how it went! Did you drool all over yourself, or do you now have that award-winning smile? ;)