Outfit for Fall

Hello! Today I have some Fall fashion inspiration for you! Don’t you hate it when the cold weather arrives, and you can no longer use your cute summer clothes until a whole ‘nother year has gone by? Well, that’s not always the case. You can cold-weather-ify some old summer clothes pretty easily! The outfit I put together here uses a hand-me-down denim romper (from my lovely cousin Hannah,) a white sweater, a heavy knit maroon scarf, black tights, and black boots. I’m confident that you probably have most of these things already. Of course, not all in the same color, but that’s why this is “inspiration,” and not a strict code (obviously). If you’ve got a romper, pairing it with tights, a sweater, and a scarf (and I actually wore a white knit beanie on this day- sorry it isn’t pictured!) is an awesome option for transferring it from summer use to fall/winter use. Again, play around with the colors based on what you have already. Maroon or navy blue tights would be pretty as well!

BlOg PhOtO 2


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