Straw wrapper

I was with my youth group on the way to Teen Camp (holla,) and we stopped at McDonalds to get some food on the way. It was super packed that morning. Me and my friends chose a spot next to a really old lady, mainly because there was nowhere else to sit, but also because who doesn’t enjoy sitting next to a sweet old lady? So we ordered our food and sat down. Now, as everyone on Earth knows, when you get a straw you rip off the tip of the wrapper and blow it at the person across from you, am I right? (It’s rhetorical- I know I’m right.) So I tore off the tip, lined it up, and shot it at my friend across from me. I missed, and it landed behind her. Darn. So I got up to get it, like I literally STOOD UP to go get this wrapper, but a huge group of people walked past and when I looked back down, it was gone. Eh, no biggie. What’s one little straw wrapper on the ground of a fast-food restaurant? Well, apparently it’s the end of the ever-loving world! The seemingly sweet old lady looked at me and yelled “Excuse me, young lady! You go find that wrapper RIGHT now!” I didn’t want to be rude and just ignore her. She’s still an old lady, albeit a cranky one. So I got up and looked around till I found it (it had been kicked away in the crowd,) and threw it away. On my way back to my seat, she starts yelling at me again! “I’ll tell you what, if you were my kid I’d blister your butt! You wouldn’t be able to sit down for weeks!”
It was just a straw wrapper! Come on! Now if I had done something like tripped a customer on their way to get their order or something, then I could understand her response, but over a straw wrapper? But no, this is not the end of her rant. An old man who was a seat over had seen and heard the whole fiasco too, and I KID YOU NOT, he got up, came to sit with the lady, and they sat there and talked about me out loud to each other! “Kids these days, where’s the respect? Can you even believe it?” I never said anything back to her after that.
I couldn’t tell if I was scared of her, embarrassed by her, or if I wanted to tell her to get outta my business. I think it was a little of all three.


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