Infused Waters

It’s super healthy (and tasty!) to drink infused water, and I’ve been obsessed with it lately! Infused water is basically just water with some kind of fruit, herbs, etc. in it. I made some today with one whole lemon and and one small orange. I just cut them up into pieces and dropped them in! Then I shook it all up so that the juices from the fruit would infuse the water.
(Notice how I tried to be all artsy by taking this picture outside on the porch…)


Doing one with lemon is especially healthy for you because lemons are loaded with antioxidants. They are also very high in vitamin C! Drinking lemon infused water can even give your skin a healthy glow.
As you know, lemons are very sour! I put the orange in to give the water some sweetness and extra flavor, and also to gain the extra health benefits. As for how much fruit to put in the water, it’s really up to you. Clearly, the more fruit the more benefits! Here’s a picture that shows a little better the amount of fruit in the jar.


IT LOOKS SO GOOD, AM I RIGHT? Actually, no need to answer that question cause I’ve been drinking it and I know it’s  good.

If you want to make some infused water, here are some recipes you can use. Feel free to mix the ingredients around a little from recipe to recipe depending on what you like. (these are recipes from

*Strawberry, lemon, and basil.
*Orange and blueberry.
*Watermelon and mint.
*Strawberry, lime, and cucumber.
*Watermelon and coconut.
*Ginger, mint, and lemon.
*And anything that sounds good to you!


Fly, please stay on the wall.

I fell asleep on the couch last night, and it’s right under a window that flies can always seem to find their way through. I was covered up with blankets to my chin, so I thought I was pretty safe. (Both from flies AND bad buys, cause we all know that bad guys can’t get you if you’re under the covers.) As it turns out, I was not safe. Not at ALL was I safe, because I woke up five plus times in the middle of the night due to a fly crawling all over my face. I’d smack it away, and then drift back off to sleep, but shortly thereafter would be woken again by another fly trying to crawl up my nose. Just fabulous. Something about being woken up by something so small irrelevant enrages me. I mean, come on! I was just about to eat some fruit pizza, (literally this was my dream,) but noooooo. Stupid fly has to try to make it’s personal goal of getting all the way into my brain via nostril. Fly, would you do us all a favor and please stay on the wall?


“The Pit” is  somewhat well-known amongst the residents of Carlisle. All our close neighbors know about it, of course. It is strange, though, that I’ve even heard someone at school mention it in conversation, and they’ve never even been to my house! So what is this, this “Pit?” Well, friend, you’re about to find out.

My brothers used to dig random little holes all around our yard, and people would constantly find themselves stepping in these holes and twisting ankles or at the very least, getting a scare. Plus, they were just unsightly! Dad would tell them not to dig anymore holes, but somehow, mysteriously, more holes would appear! It wasn’t our dogs. They aren’t really the digging type. “Boys, did you dig another hole?” Psh, of course they didn’t. I mean, it’s absurd to think that maybe little 9 and 10 year old boys dug more holes even after Daddy told them not to, right? (If you couldn’t read the sarcasm there, then this is a little side note for you; that was sarcasm.) So after the “mystery holes” kept appearing, Dad had finally had enough. He took a can of spray paint and went to the far corner of our yard, and sprayed a giant circle in yellow. This was to be the digging spot. If one must ABSOLUTELY feel the pressing need to dig a hole, it had to be within this circle and nowhere else! The first day that the circle was painted, practically the entire family was outside digging holes within the yellow circle. I mean come on, it’s a free-for-all! Can’t find a shovel? Who cares? Here’s this stick! It looked for all the world like we were just blatantly ignoring child-labor laws. After a few days, of course, the hole-hype died down, and less and less progress was being made on the hole. But every once in a while, the urge to dig again returned, and a few of the boys would go outside and dig for awhile. It was getting pretty deep, but then it’d rain or something and the hole would slowly start to fill back up with mud. When this happened, the boys would rush outside and dig again! Anyway, after filling and being emptied, and filling and being emptied again, the hole has gotten deeper and deeper, and has now acquired the prestigious title of “The Pit.”  I’m not sure of it’s exact dimensions, but the title isn’t used lightly!
Ps- I’ll attach a picture later!

Shower Time

Have you ever noticed how much we think during shower time? I take like, 45 minute showers (on a good day,) and I spend the entire time contemplating my life. “Man, I wonder why we all have 5 toes. Does the pinky toe actually serve any purpose? I wonder what I’m gonna wear next week to the mall. Why is this water so freezing one moment and so hot the next? Ooh, I remember that embarrassing thing from 5th grade. Way to bring it up again, brain.” But I’ve realized that this can be very helpful! You know those times when you are trying to make a legitimate decision, but you can’t decide what you should do, or you are too busy to really stop and think it over? Just hop on in the shower. It’s not like you can really get distracted in there, cause I mean, all that’s there is yourself and a loofah. I’m sure that when you come out, you’ll know what to do. It’s like magic.

Dusty Water

Dusty water? What the heck?

Dusty water is the phenomenon that occurs when I leave a drink sitting out uncovered for more than about 15 minutes. I’m aware that what I’m about to say is probably irrational, but If my drink has been sitting on the counter for even a few minutes after I last drank from it, I’m afraid that a layer of dust has settled on the surface, and this is absolutely unacceptable! I always have to dump it out, rinse the cup, and refill it. Is there anyone else who feels this way? Maybe it’s not just me…? Well, even if it is, you can say what you will. I’d rather rinse out my cup than drink… *nervous gulp*… dusty water.


For anyone who has yet to check out the pages at the top, which are actually more like giant categories, I urge you to do so! It’s summer vacation now, but we all know what’s coming- please, don’t make me say it!… SCHOOL. So whether you’ve been haunted by your own awkward self, or you just want to move up a rung in the social ladder at your school, take a look at the “Ways to Pretend You Aren’t a Loser in High School” page at the top. All these useful tips have emerged my own sad experiences, so they’re legit.


Sometimes my tears fall up-wards…

Let me explain. It’s not that I cry teardrops that are gravity defying and float off into space, (oh, how I wish,) but I perpetually find that my eyelids are wet. O.o What a strange phenomenon! When it’s allergy season- the season everyone HATES- my eyes are always very watery. Then I feel this… this dampness start from the corner of my eye and go out all over my eyelid! I can dry it off but to no avail! It always comes back. I decided to write this on my blog for you all today because the eye juice is making it’s way to my eyelid as I type this very story. I think I’m an alien child. If this happens to any of you, contact me at 812-THE-COMENTS-SECTION. (I am aware that that’s too long… shut up.)