When Chilly Nights Arrive…

November is when it really starts to get chilly around these parts. The sun goes down too soon, the wind picks up, and the cold starts to seep through every microscopic crack in your house that you didn’t even know existed. But luckily, I have a tried and true tip for you to get yourself through chilly nights that just might change your life. (No, it’s not to insulate your walls and windows. That would be too mainstream.) This is something that I do religiously. When it’s getting a little too cold for comfort, and it’s time to turn up the heat, don’t just turn it on and wait for the entire house to heat up. What I do, is I put my Snuggie on and sit on the heating vent. Seriously dudes, this rocks. The warm air lifts the blanket up all around you and creates this heat-bubble that envelopes your very being. Your eyes will get heavy as lead, and you won’t stop them. You’ll just kind of ooze around and not care about whatever the heck else is going on around you. It’s pretty much the closest thing to Heaven on earth.


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