Infused Waters

It’s super healthy (and tasty!) to drink infused water, and I’ve been obsessed with it lately! Infused water is basically just water with some kind of fruit, herbs, etc. in it. I made some today with one whole lemon and and one small orange. I just cut them up into pieces and dropped them in! Then I shook it all up so that the juices from the fruit would infuse the water.
(Notice how I tried to be all artsy by taking this picture outside on the porch…)


Doing one with lemon is especially healthy for you because lemons are loaded with antioxidants. They are also very high in vitamin C! Drinking lemon infused water can even give your skin a healthy glow.
As you know, lemons are very sour! I put the orange in to give the water some sweetness and extra flavor, and also to gain the extra health benefits. As for how much fruit to put in the water, it’s really up to you. Clearly, the more fruit the more benefits! Here’s a picture that shows a little better the amount of fruit in the jar.


IT LOOKS SO GOOD, AM I RIGHT? Actually, no need to answer that question cause I’ve been drinking it and I know it’s  good.

If you want to make some infused water, here are some recipes you can use. Feel free to mix the ingredients around a little from recipe to recipe depending on what you like. (these are recipes from

*Strawberry, lemon, and basil.
*Orange and blueberry.
*Watermelon and mint.
*Strawberry, lime, and cucumber.
*Watermelon and coconut.
*Ginger, mint, and lemon.
*And anything that sounds good to you!


2 thoughts on “Infused Waters

    • You can just drink it right away!If you want to make it ahead of time though, feel free to keep it cold in the fridge and drink it little by little. Once the water is gone though, you can just fill it up and use the same fruit again at least a couple times before all the juices are gone. :)


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