Fly, please stay on the wall.

I fell asleep on the couch last night, and it’s right under a window that flies can always seem to find their way through. I was covered up with blankets to my chin, so I thought I was pretty safe. (Both from flies AND bad buys, cause we all know that bad guys can’t get you if you’re under the covers.) As it turns out, I was not safe. Not at ALL was I safe, because I woke up five plus times in the middle of the night due to a fly crawling all over my face. I’d smack it away, and then drift back off to sleep, but shortly thereafter would be woken again by another fly trying to crawl up my nose. Just fabulous. Something about being woken up by something so small irrelevant enrages me. I mean, come on! I was just about to eat some fruit pizza, (literally this was my dream,) but noooooo. Stupid fly has to try to make it’s personal goal of getting all the way into my brain via nostril. Fly, would you do us all a favor and please stay on the wall?


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