Shower Time

Have you ever noticed how much we think during shower time? I take like, 45 minute showers (on a good day,) and I spend the entire time contemplating my life. “Man, I wonder why we all have 5 toes. Does the pinky toe actually serve any purpose? I wonder what I’m gonna wear next week to the mall. Why is this water so freezing one moment and so hot the next? Ooh, I remember that embarrassing thing from 5th grade. Way to bring it up again, brain.” But I’ve realized that this can be very helpful! You know those times when you are trying to make a legitimate decision, but you can’t decide what you should do, or you are too busy to really stop and think it over? Just hop on in the shower. It’s not like you can really get distracted in there, cause I mean, all that’s there is yourself and a loofah. I’m sure that when you come out, you’ll know what to do. It’s like magic.


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