For anyone who has yet to check out the pages at the top, which are actually more like giant categories, I urge you to do so! It’s summer vacation now, but we all know what’s coming- please, don’t make me say it!… SCHOOL. So whether you’ve been haunted by your own awkward self, or you just want to move up a rung in the social ladder at your school, take a look at the “Ways to Pretend You Aren’t a Loser in High School” page at the top. All these useful tips have emerged my own sad experiences, so they’re legit.


2 thoughts on “TIP TIP TIPPY TIP TIP

  1. Help! Ellie is stuck in a time warp! You posted this on June 13th, but it is only 12th by my calendar. Or maybe you found a Delorian with a flux capacitor? (That statement may totally date me, but if you don’t know what it means, then I will take your dad to task for not introducing you to quality theatrical entertainment and promptly send the Back to the Future trilogy home with you this week.)


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