Sometimes my tears fall up-wards…

Let me explain. It’s not that I cry teardrops that are gravity defying and float off into space, (oh, how I wish,) but I perpetually find that my eyelids are wet. O.o What a strange phenomenon! When it’s allergy season- the season everyone HATES- my eyes are always very watery. Then I feel this… this dampness start from the corner of my eye and go out all over my eyelid! I can dry it off but to no avail! It always comes back. I decided to write this on my blog for you all today because the eye juice is making it’s way to my eyelid as I type this very story. I think I’m an alien child. If this happens to any of you, contact me at 812-THE-COMENTS-SECTION. (I am aware that that’s too long… shut up.)


Comment here if you have something to say. 0.o

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