Don’t make the same mistake I did.

From the title you probably think that this post is about something super important, like “don’t date a dirt bag,” or “don’t let a homeless man borrow your car,” but it’s not. It’s actually just a useful tip!
I was in the movie theater bathroom, and I wearing this cute froggy ring. I took it off to wash my hands (because, yes, you should do that,) and set it on the counter. Later on however I realized that I had never picked it back up! It was my first time wearing it, too. :( Anyway, my sister told me that from now on I should just slip my ring into my pocket when I go to wash my hands- that way if I forget to put it back on I’ll still have it. So I guess from now on I’m gonna try and make a habit out of doing so. Keep this in mind because if you do forget your ring, it may be one of more value than a froggy ring, i.e. a wedding ring or promise ring!


Comment here if you have something to say. 0.o

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