DIY Jewelry Board

So I had this cute little jewelry box, and I really loved it, but the only things that would fit in the drawers were small things. What about bangles and such? Not even one fits in the box! So I needed a new way to store all my jewelry, and this is what I came up with. It’s a do-it-yourself jewelry storage board- the cheap and easy version! (There are way more advanced, cute versions but I needed this one right away! Maybe I’ll do a better one soon. :) )

This is really easy to make yourself! What you’ll need-

– 2 FOAM poster boards (it needs to be thick, so no regular poster boards)
– small craft sicks/posts OR a long dowel rod cut into smaller peices
– a knife you can cut the foam board with
– hot glue and glue gun
– spray paint (optional)
– other decorative-ness (optional)

Glue your two foam boards together to create a thicker board. (I used plain old elmers glue- using hot glue or spray glue could melt through the foam.)
Spray paint the board with whatever colors/design you choose. I used a dark blue for this because a.) I liked it, and b.) it was all I had. :) Painting the board is optional, but I do recommend it. The board is too “poster board-y” and not as “jewelry board-y” without this step.
Cut the dowel rod into about 4-inch pieces using a knife or a little hand saw. Use the sharpie to mark off even pieces. You can even paint these posts or add glitter to them!
One the pieces are cut, whittle a point on one side of the sticks. Pop them down into the board making a hole. Take the stick out, fill the hole with hot glue, and put it back in. Do this as many times as you want to get the right number of what will be your bracelet holders.
Now you can move on to the ring slots. Be careful here though- you’ll have to eyeball the thickness of each ring band. Some are thicker than others, so make sure you don’t have a huge slot if your ring is thin- it won’t stay in. (It looks a little odd here, but you’ll see in the final picture how it works out.)
Now for necklaces and earrings! I used pushpins for both.
Stretch out the necklace chains and pin them to the board. The pins stay in the foam really well. You can also adjust the necklaces later if you need to add more to the board- just move stuff around! For the earrings, push a pushpin through the hole on the post. (You’ll have to do different things with the pins depending on the kinds of earrings- it’s kind of a figure it out as you go type thing. :))
And here you have it! Mine just sits on an empty shelf in my room- it really makes it easy to see everything at once!
Get creative! You could paint the bracelet posts, add glitter to them, change the shape and size of the board- whatever you want! I hope this is helpful!


Comment here if you have something to say. 0.o

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