Glitter Hoops

 I got all this stuff at the Dollar Store… So it’s super cheap to do and they come out looking really neat!
What you’re gonna need-
*Plain silver hoop earrings (any size) ((I got 3 pairs for $3))
*Spray-on glue ($4)
*Any color(s) of glitter (I got mine for $1.50.)
*Newspaper or something of the sort to lay down so you don’t spray-glue the table
*A dish to pour the glitter(s) in (the size of the hoops or bigger)


First mix the glitters together in the dish. (If you are using more than one color. If not, just du mp the one colo r in the dish.) You can use any number of colors you like.
DSCN1943  I chose to use pink and silver. Stir it up evenly in the dish.
Spray the earring with the spray-glue. Make sure to avoid the earring post while spraying. You don’t want to get glitter stuck to the post! Now, dip the earring in the glitter mixture. Move it around and make sure the whole hoop is covered.
Once that’s done, you may even want to give it a once-over again with the glue, just to make sure no glitter is going to fall off. Hang the earrings to dry somewhere, and when they’re dry, they look really pretty! So much better than the plain silver. You can do this to all different sizes and shapes of hoops to match different outfits!


Comment here if you have something to say. 0.o

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