How to Add Snazzy Spikes to a Jar

I don’t have any pictures for how-to on this project, but I do have the final project so I’ll try to explain it the best I can! It’s not too difficult, so I should be fine… I hope!
What you’ll need-
*Paint (your choice of color(s))
*Hot glue gun & glue.

Paint the inside of the jar. It works well to use a wetter paint and slosh it around the inside, or you can use a brush or paper towel to spread the paint evenly.
To make the spikes->. With the glue gun, glue a dot onto the outside of the jar, and whip it upwards to create the spike. (Like making the top of an ice cream cone spiky.) Do this all over the jar, in a a line, in a shape, or whatever you want to do. I did spikes all over the jar.
Paint the spikes. You can paint them all one color, use different colors, you choose! You can even use glitter paint and things like that. Let everything dry, and your set!


Comment here if you have something to say. 0.o

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