DIY Kids Party Decorations

I’m a huge “shredder.” You know, one of those people who, if there’s any kind of paper product in front of you, be it a napkin, cup, or in this case a plate, it’s immediately torn to pieces by your mindlessly moving fingers? Well, that’s me! It gave me an idea yesterday, and it’s really easy and fun to do.

You can make these in the theme colors for the party, but it’s also a fun craft for kids to do themselves. If your kid is having a birthday party, he/she may want to make these to decorate with beforehand, or you can make it a party craft- all the kids can make one and you can hang them up on the ceiling and the kids can take it home as a party favor.  This is a simple form of what they’ll look like when they’re done.


What you’ll need:
*Styrofoam plates
*Yarn or string
*Markers (optional)
*Decals- pom poms, flowers, glitter, etc.
DSCN1797 - Copy
Oh yeah, and you’ll need a One Direction album to dance to while doing this craft. (It’s optional of course, but I did it and it made doing these spirals even more enjoyable! :))

DSCN1798 - Copy

What to do-
Cut the rim off the edge of the plate.


Using the inside circle, just cut in a spiraling motion all the way around the plate to the center, making a springy spiral. You can make them long or short, thin or thick, whatever you want. (Depending on the age of the kids, you may or may not need to help them with this part. You could also have some pre-cut plates and just let the kids do the decorating. It’s up to you!)
DSCN1800     DSCN1803
After the plates are cut, you could do, well, basically anything you wanted for decorations! You can make it easy and use markers to color designs on the spirals, or glue on pom poms and other decorations to spruce them up. (Or a combination of everything; that’s always fun!)


When the decorating is all done, let them dry, and then punch a hole in the top of the spiral to thread your yarn through. Hang them from the ceiling, and you’ve got fun, easy, and cheap party decorations!



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