Well hello, everyone! I’ve got a few updates for you!
First off, sorry I haven’t been posting this past week, but what’s even worse is that I won’t be able to post this week either. I’m going to camp this week, and no electronics allowed!  But I’ll try to do a few posts today:) Hopefully after this week I’ll be back on schedule and be able to post a few or more  posts every week!
Also, as you may or may not know, I’ve started a new page on my blog! In the upper right hand corner of your screen is a tab called Handmade Jewelry, and as to be expected, it’s a page about all of the jewelry I make and sell. So click that tab as soon as you’ve finished reading these updates! (And comment how you like it- I love to hear from you!)

So that’s it for now I’d say. Follow my blog, either by your e-mail or otherwise, and get updated every time I post!
And again, don’t forget to comment on posts you like, follow posts and this blog, and tell me what you think! It’s really helpful to get your feedback- Thanks!!!



Comment here if you have something to say. 0.o

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