So you know those awkward times you have, when you just say something really awkward and then it gets all quiet and the sentence is just kind of… hanging in the air? (Or maybe that’s just me!)
Well that happened to me, like, 600,000,000 times today. It was terrible!
Today one of my former teachers asked me a question (about how I was liking high school)  that just didn’t register with me, so I got all weird and I just started stuttering words that didn’t really make sense, trying to answer a question that I hadn’t really heard. She looked at me like I had an extra elbow or something. It happened again and again, just with different circumstances. I was left to my own devices, wondering if I should try to explain myself and try to talk my way out of whatever the heck it was that I just said, or just forget about it and pretend I never said anything at all.
I went with the latter. Bad choice.
It was just one of those days.



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