Coffee Filter Flowers

What you’ll need-
* Coffee filters* Food coloring
* Jar/vase (I used a VOSS  glass water bottle!)
* Sticks
* Water
* Paper plate

Take the coffee filters and pinch it together at the center. Twist it around and fluff it up until you have the general shape of a flower. You may want to glue them in place like this so it’s easier to hold and paint at the same time, or you can wrap a small rubber band around the twist to hold its shape. On the paper plate, squirt out a few drops of each color you want to use. If you want to make a solid color flower, dilute the food coloring with water and paint the filter completely. If you want to make a multicolored flower, just make sure that you let one color dry before applying the next color. (Unless you want the colors to blend a little! I did this for some of my flowers and they came out lovely!) You can also use the paint brush to outline the tops of the flowers to give them a different look. (See the green and white flower in the back? I left the base white with just a few splotches of blue, and painted around the rim of the flower with green.) You can do pretty much anything you like! When the flowers are dry, find some small sticks out in your yard that will fit easily into your vase or jar. Hot glue the flowers to the sticks, and you’re done! I put some extra sticks in the bottle to fill it out. It’s fun to use colors that match the room!




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